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Hi there, I'm Caroline Gaskin, a Homeopath & Holistic Health Coach and I've been in business for over 25 years. I'm always seeking the best in organic, non GMO, superfoods for my clients to help promote health, fertility & longevity.. I was introduced to these fabulous products by Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut in 2014 and have never looked back. I do the 10 Day Transformation twice a year myself & run group cleanses through my Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Being a health practitioner is a busy job and I take these targeted superfoods everyday for stamina & vitality. Welcome on board and please drop me a line for a discount code to get you started. Caroline

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If you are dissatisfied with any Platinum Product for any reason you may return the unused portion for a full refund no questions asked. Please email our customer service support@platinumeurope.biz for details at any time.

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