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Lost 34 lbs in 7 weeks

In short I am a 48 year old man who had been horribly out of shape due to the stresses of travel and a Software Architect Jet Set Lifestyle. At my biggest I was 278 and this in POUNDS!!!

Last October in praise of a show one of my athletes had done (I was and remain a coach of fitness, and yes I was the typical "Do as I say not as I do" teacher). She had placed in the show and I was very proud of her and began to promote her achievements. In the interim she called me out and essentially double dared me to do this for myself! This was October 31 2013. Fast forward... March 30th of 2014 I reached out to a close friend who was a Purium user and retailer, and asked them if it was possible for me to attain the goal date of May 17th 2014 for the Miami NPC Male Physique show? He congratulated my achievements to that point which were about 30 lbs or 2 lbs a week loss for the past 15 weeks since I had begun. But let me down as gently as possible telling me that doing it "Old School" was 1) not healthy, 2) not going to be realistic. BUT!!! And there is always a but!!! But he had come across the Bentley of Whole Food Nutritional companies and that he has never been in better shape and remains show ready now ALL the time! Of course that's all he had to say... These are my statistics on day 1

Neck 17
Chest 42 at the nipples
Belly 37 at the navel
Hips 43 at the widest
Thighs 26.5
Calves 16.5
Biceps 17
Scale weight 229 (between 231 and 222, depended on the day and the meal content)
Body Fat 16%

Days to NPC Miami 7 weeks

Cleanse 1 (in the preparation wait for the products to ship I began to use what had arrived before the cleanse MAPPs and LOVE and Cherry: I lost 8 lbs during that phase)
Day one was on April 5 2014 and I had 5 weeks to the Show right then!
Neck 16.50
Chest 41.5 at the nipples
Belly 36 at the navel
Hips 42 at the widest
Thighs 26.0
Calves 16.
Biceps 17
So total loss in prep was 8 lbs and a few inches
Scale 221 lbs

I was amazed and dazed by the ride! Now understand that every day I was skeptical and a hot mess about taking measurements and making sure that the promise of no muscle loss would be true and not some BS I was given.. But the size remained where it was needed Arms, Legs, and the loss where I was simply in disbelief Chest/Back, Hips and Buttocks, and BELLY!!!

Neck 16.25
Chest 40.0 at the nipples
Belly 33 at the navel
Hips 40 at the widest
Thighs 24.0
Calves 15. 3/4
Biceps 16
Scale 210

I was in amazing shape better then I had been in my life EVER! I hadn't seen 210 in 26 years! And then it came I was requested to do a second cleanse because although I looked amazing I wasn't "SHOW" ready.

The above was my beginning T2 Day 1

Final Stats:
On May 10th 2015, 7 days before the Show:
Neck 16.0
Chest 40 at the nipples
Belly 32 at the navel
Hips 40 at the widest
Thighs 24.0
Calves 16.
Biceps 16
Scale weight ****197.08 lbs*******

I hadn't been that since 1984! Wrestling in High School as a Senior!

Soctates Z.
Lost 34 lbs in 7 weeks

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