Tracie F.

She Nurtures Her Bamboo Forest and They All Grow Together

Tracie’s team name, My Bamboo Forest, comes from the idea that when she shares Purium with others, they have been given a seed to a Money Tree. Seeds are full of potential and when planted and nurtured, can grow into abundance that can be shared with others. Not just producing fruit, but new seeds that can be planted and nurtured. The tree becomes an orchard and the orchard becomes a forest.

Bamboo represents strength with flexibility, healing, growth, resilience and integrity. Tracie says, “All of this comes from the self-development that takes place in this business. Bamboo, just like each one of us, has the capacity for tremendous growth. Bamboo can shoot up 36 inches in just 24 hours when given the right circumstances.

Tracie has taken her passion for helping others and leveraged her strong business acumen into creating a team that is determined to help thousands more achieve abundance and good health for themselves and for those they care about.

She enjoys being a mentor and helping people turn their dreams into goals that they can then achieve. “I want to help those who want more out of life for themselves and for their families. “ She uses her natural leadership to provide structure and support for her team ensuring they have the tools and direction that they need. By doing this she went from being a Mortgage Banker to replacing a 6-figure income, serving on the inaugural Field Advisory Board, and attending the company’s first ever Diamond and Crown trips. She is living a life that many others only dream of and now her laser sharp focus is centered on helping others turn their dreams into reality.

Tracie F.
2-Star Crown
Member Since:
May 2013

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