Weight Loss Testimonial

Lost 10 lbs in 10 days

What surprised me the most the first time I did the Transformation is that I felt so energized and my mental clarity was impeccable. I have hypothyroid and since doing radiation to kill my thyroid 18 years ago, I gained 60 lbs in the first month and have been very sick. Since then I have also had a hard time remembering, sleeping, eating, and concentrating and have had many mood swings.

I had not felt myself in many years yet today, I feel really good, I feel healthy and my mood swings are very minimal! I feel confidence I haven't had in a long time. I have done 3 transformations and every time I do it I feel so AMAZING. I want to feel like this all the time.

Purium products have taught my body what it needs to stay healthy. When I put unhealthy things into my body, it tells me now. Before my body was so weighed down by stress, processed foods and sugars that I was ill, now I can tell immediately what my body needs; if I feel tired I grab a green drink and take that with some Ionic Elements. And my body responds favorably!

Success to me with Purium is getting myself healthy so I can teach my family how to eat healthier. And now my children are drinking Super Meal – L.O.V. before and after school instead of chips and soda. My husband is also taking Purium products and is losing weight even without doing the Transformation. I feel like I am truly achieving the mission of the Million Mom Movement.

Ursula N.
Lost 10 lbs / 5 inches

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