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Lost 20 lbs after 2 Transformations

I took on this Challenge to lose weight, get healthy, detox & break unhealthy eating habits. But in 10 Days, Purium did all that & MORE! More than what years of doctor visits have done. More than I could ever have dreamed possible! I was so excited by the 15lbs I lost on my first transformation that I didn't even notice right away ALL the other things that happened. In only 10 days I stopped SNORING and the Sleep Apnea is GONE! I have no more MIGRAINES... In fact, no more headaches of ANY kind! I have no more allergies and the puffy/swollen eyes I've had for over 15 years have suddenly gone down!

I could have easily continued for 10, 20, 30 or more days. I’ve never had so much energy and felt so satisfied in my entire life. I love, Love, LOVE ALL of it! I wish I could've continued on after my very first 10-Days until I reached my goal, but I had to wait a month because I didn't have enough money to purchase more. It was like torture having to wait because as it turns out, my body CRAVES the Power Shake, Aminos and the Apothe-Cherry. I believe that I have achieved success in the fact that an entire month went by between my 1st 10-Day Transformation and my 2nd one and for that entire month I was able to keep the weight off without much effort at all AND I did not go back to my old ways of eating :)

I did it again because I still have approx. 80lbs to lose, and this is the ONLY thing that truly works after 25 years of trying! After my 1st 10-Day Challenge, my best personal reward was HOPE. Hope for my future. But on the 2nd round my greatest personal reward was that my HUSBAND had finally decided to JOIN ME! I am SO happy as he was never supportive before. And not only did my husband join me on the challenge, but my son & daughter-in-law also. I can now go back to my Dr. without fear of him suggesting yet again: diet pills, Gastric Bypass surgery; meds for high blood pressure & cholesterol. I am forever grateful.

Helena B.
Lost 20 lbs/ 16 inches

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