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Lost 31 lbs in 16 days

I started my MIRACLE fast on December 10, 2012. I call it my miracle fast because so much has happened to my body in such a short period of time. After the first day I notice I wasn’t hungry and actually had energy. The second day I noticed that the pain in my knees that I have had for at least twenty years had diminished. I even did a Prevention Magazine workout. By the third day I could walk up stairs without pain, which hadn’t occurred in 4-1/2 years. By day four, I was walking flights of steps with no pain and the swelling in my hands was gone. I could make a complete fist. Day five my chronic diarrhea was gone. Day six my hot flashes were almost totally gone. Day seven I just felt great, awesome, wonderful… not enough adjectives to tell you how much my energy level had increased. On a scale of 1-10, it was now a 20 when it used to be a 3. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my forties. I am now 63. My brain always told me that I was still young but my body wouldn’t listen to my brain. Now my body is telling me that I really am still young. But the final and best miracle is that in 7 days I lost 15.2 lbs. without being hungry and had tons of energy

PS. I’ve felt so good after the 7 days, I have continued the fast. At the end of 16 days, I had lost 31 lbs. and have unbelievable energy, better health, no pain, and more.

Esther M.
Lost 31 lbs in 16 days

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