David Sandoval is a wellness expert, whole-foods nutrition advocate, innovator, best-selling author of The Green Foods Bible, disease prevention activist and Chief Science Officer for Purium Health Products.

Twenty-four years ago David Sandoval was like many of us, working a sedentary job, eating a conventional diet and watching his family members suffer from cancer, diabetes and obesity among other illnesses. He knew he needed a lifestyle change and set out on a relentless mission to find the answers he needed to turn his life around.

After transforming his body and his mindset, David is healthier and younger today than he was twenty-four years ago and he has the biological markers to prove it. David is now a highly sought after lecturer and expert on the healing, anti-aging and power of natural green foods. His singular mission is to share this knowledge and the benefit of his lifetime pursuits with you.

Where it all began

20 Years Ago I Was Older Than I am Today
“Just look at the picture on the left, that was me over 20 years ago. I was your typical businessperson eating a rather conventional diet. Although I was chronologically younger in the photo on the left my biological markers for aging (blood pressure, heart rate etc) were much worse (older) than they are today. In other words, I am biologically younger today than I was 20 years ago.
Shortly after that original picture was taken I did a 180 on my eating habits and that created a 180 for the rest of my life. Today I am thinner, healthier and happier than I was back then and feel like I haven’t even reached the prime of my life yet. And no matter what YOUR age or current health condition, if you join Purium we can help you look, feel and perform like a younger person. I know what it takes because I’ve done it myself.”

Anti-aging at any age

“It doesn’t matter how many years you have lived, it matters how many years you have left!
For the first time in human history our children will get sicker sooner and die younger than we will. Even with the ‘miracle’ of western medicine, new pharmaceuticals and space aged medical technologies our collective life expectancy is DOWN. Why? It’s because of our sedentary lifestyle and the food that we eat. In fact in some cases it’s a stretch to even call it food. So our mission at Purium is simple – we want to help you eat better, age more gracefully and live longer. In other words look, feel and perform like a younger person. We call it ‘anti-aging at any age’!
Jim Rohn once said, ‘Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.’ I couldn’t agree more. If you care about your body, you will use Purium Products. I do, I’m in my 50s but I expect to live another 70 good years.”

-David Sandoval

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