Sonia and Doug M.

In a short time Sonia’s income has outpaced that of her full time Real Estate Business.

Sonia was not looking for a business opportunity when she first tried Purium, she was simply looking to lose weight after trying and failing with other diets. Her husband Doug joined her and after doing the 10-Day Transformation they both lost weight and were eating much healthier. Inspired by his weight loss and newfound energy, Doug started running after a 27 year hiatus and has since completed three half marathons and one full marathon.

Those close to Doug and Sonia began to inquire, wondering the source of these dramatic changes. The Gift Card Marketing Program made it incredibly easy to share and soon enough the products were paying for themselves. Doug and Sonia had previously been purchasing supplements from health food stores, but the Purium products proved more effective. Those who Sonia and Doug initially shared their story with, began sharing their own stories and soon Sonia and Doug’s small team wasn’t so small anymore. Their income mushroomed to 5 figures a month and their team continues to thrive.

“In just one year, we have achieved our health and fitness goals, we have set ourselves up for financial independence with a growing residual income and we have done all that by helping others live a healthier and more rewarding life.”

Sonia and Doug M.
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January 2013

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