Ian F.

A founding member, Ian tripled his income doing what he loves.

A competitive cyclist and a long-time advocate for plant-based diets Ian F. is Purium’s founding member. His network marketing experience as well as his deep understanding of Superfood served him well on his mission to help others upgrade their health and wealth.

Prior to distributing Purium products Ian was a manufacturers rep for a number of health food and supplement brands and is well versed in the ingredients and benefits of these products. What stood out immediately to Ian when he was first introduced to Purium was that there were no binders, fillers or any artificial ingredients included. “These are completely unnecessary. Purium Products are cleaner than anything you can find on a health food store shelf”

After unexpectedly losing one of his most lucrative product lines, Ian began promoting Purium full time in 2012 and has since tripled his income. This provides him the freedom to enjoy his family and created a more balanced, rewarding lifestyle.

"When I got a call from Dave Sandoval about Purium I jumped on a plane and met with him, I cannot believe that was 11yrs ago! Purium is 100% in alignment with my lifestyle and my sport of Cycling, which is my passion. Currently I’m #1 in the state of CT for Masters and I attribute that to my commitment to eating clean and the awesome power of Purium health products! It’s amazing that I make the income I do from doing what I love to do which is help people. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is THE WAY!!”

Ian F.
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