Cindi K.

Achieved Crown Status in seven months and has 8,000 members in her team

What a Difference a year makes!

Cindi K. has been sharing Purium for only one year, but she hit the ground running and never looked back; quickly reaching Purium's coveted Crown Status in just seven months. After learning about the benefits of Purium from her close friend and Crown Member MaryKay, Cindi was intrigued enough to travel to California to see for herself. From the moment she stepped into the Purium manufacturing facility, she knew she wanted to take the plunge.

While she had held management positions in sales, retail and publishing in the past, she was frustrated with the required trade-off which was too much time away from her growing family. It was an endless and unrewarding cycle and she was looking for a change. Cindi found that change when she started promoting Purium Products. In addition to the financial security and satisfaction of running her own business, she found what she was ultimately looking for: freedom. The freedom to make her own schedule – a schedule that allowed her to focus on her family, every single day.

"What I truly enjoy about sharing Purium Products is that it gives me the opportunity to help others achieve their goals which has resulted in me reaching my own goals. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have the time now to spend with my family and the financial security to plan for the future. In just one year working with Purium, I truly feel like I have the best of both worlds."

Cindi K.
2-Star Crown Member
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